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Abbey“At Girls Rock Rochester it is a fun safe place where girls can have a great, productive day full of learning and fun. It all starts when you get to GR!R. You walk in and are greeted by some of the counselors at the front table. Then, you hang up your lunch and other things on the hooks and walk into the main room where there are other girls, too. Next, we gather around and do an icebreaker activity to get to know each other. After that, we go to our instrument instructions (with our choice of instrument).

Next, we eat lunch and have a lunchtime performance and when we are done with lunch we can get up and dance. Then, we meet with our bands and work on our songs for the final performance. After that we go with our assigned counselor and do another activity like, aerobics or learn about girl power and what women can accomplish if they work hard enough. Then, we all gather in the main room again and do an activity until our parents come get us. All in all it was a great experience to get to have for young girls who have a passion for music and are eager to learn about music and about the power of women. It is definite, I will be going again! The counselors are amazing, as well as all the music instructors and all the staff members! I loved being a part of GR!R and getting to work with all the amazing girls too, it was awesome.”

– Abbey
Age 10



Cassidy“Being a GR!R camper is fun, exciting, and empowering. The first day of GR!R you might be nervous going in, but you warm up quick! Everybody is welcoming and kind because basically we all have the same reasons to be at camp. Personally mine were to rock and to meet others with the same musical interests and opinions as mine.

At the start of the day all of the girls go into one room and get to know each other. We play some really fun games to break the ice. You are assigned a counselor to take you to each activity. (The counselors are all really nice and awesome) The rest of the day we do workshops some examples are making zines(mini magazines) and also making healthy snacks.

Then, we do instrument instruction with the instrument of your choice, including vocals. We all eat lunch together and have a lunch time performance. We have 2 activities left, more workshops then band practice. You go and meet with your band write a song and play together. You have one full week of camp then the end of the week is the best! You and your band get to go and play a show together. It feels great to know that I have this wonderful opportunity to express myself. GR!R is one of the highlights of my summer :)!!!!!”

– Cassidy
Age 12

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