We ask that volunteers be physically able to move drumsets, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc. The Roadie team will set up, break down, and move equipment throughout the week. They will move ALL the equipment twice a day, keep track of the whereabouts of all music equipment.  Responsibilities include setting up the camp site, re-configuring rooms for band practice every day, helping with load-in/out on showcase days, etc. Also, we always have last-minute stuff that comes up, and we need a few folks to be available for runs to Kinko’s or the hardware store, fill in if another volunteer can’t make their shift in the kitchen, and generally lend a hand as necessary. Helpful skills: An ability to lift heavy equipment, knowledge of music equipment.


Time commitment for this position is a little more flexible but a week long commitment would be preferred. Some of the biggest needs outside of camp are during load-in the Saturday before camp week and Friday afternoon of camp. We will need at least one roadie on site each day.
Orientation prior to your week of camp is also required.

Combines well with Instrument Technician or other roles! depending on your schedule!


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