“As a parent, you want to help bolster the self-esteem and that is not always easy, especially without help. You know the old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, well, it’s true! The staff, volunteers, and other campers at Girls Rock! Rochester create a wonderful, safe community where girls can discover how to speak with their own voices, from a place of confidence and truth.

My girls have attended camp for the past two years and I have watched them grow in confidence both years. The first year, my shy girl surprised me at the final concert by singing, IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CROWD! Yes, I cried because her voice was beautiful and confident. Her sister, my little girl who struggles with being in front of a crowd, rocked her keyboard and was BEAMING (yes, waterworks again)! The next year, they both sang on stage in front of a huge crowd and were so proud of themselves. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

To all the volunteers and staff, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! YOU ROCK!”

– Melanie M.



“Being chosen to volunteer at Girls Rock Camp Rochester was among one of the most influential and memorable moments of my life. As a professional musician, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities; but none of which that had warmed my soul as did my time at camp. It was a privilege to work alongside a staff of  dedicated, talented and compassionate musicians, all of which I can now call my friends. Watching the children grow and develop over such a short time span, and having the ability to positively guide them through their passion was a true gift in itself, that hasn’t stopped giving. As much as I felt I had an impact on the children, they had made an impact on me. I’ll forever be endowed to Girls Rock Rochester for the experience it gave me, the lessons it’s taught me, and the memories which I’ll forever cherish.”

– Amanda Ashley
Vocal Instructor and Songwriting Teacher



“In all honesty going to Girls Rock! was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Going into Girls Rock! the first day, I was nervous. I didn’t have to be since everyone was so kind and accepting. It’s sort of like you’ve known everyone for ages because you become friends so easily.

Girls Rock! is a great influence and teaches you really amazing things, such as healthy eating, fun activities, and to always stay positive.

You get a choice of what instrument you’d like to learn more about. I had played piano for many years but was always fascinated by the guitar. Girls Rock! gave me a chance to advance in it. Now thanks to their coaching, I started guitar lessons and love playing! They make music rock even more than it already does!

They always have EPIC people play some original/cover songs when we have lunch and it’s just so fun. So are the fun things we do after before we go to band practice.

Band practice is what I am usually most psyched for since we get to write original songs. The coaches are supportive and give great suggestions.

Girls Rock! is really inspirational and full of very inspirational people. There is a wide variety of different things to do and it changes so our day is always eventful.

All in all, I am so amazingly psyched to come back this year.”

– Renée
Camper, 12



“Always looking for opportunities for our daughter to be able to express herself creatively and to enjoy fun summer times with peers, we were very excited when we learned about Girls Rock! Camp. However, I could not have begun to understand what a truly life altering experience it would be for our 11 year old daughter, and importantly the lasting impact the experience has had on her life.

The growth that she realized in these precious 5 days of camp is beyond anything a parent could ever hope for. Our daughter was so incredibly inspired each day, couldn’t wait to share the many positive moments of each day, talked about the meaningful conversations with the counselors and groups of peers, couldn’t wait to get back at it the next day. She was impacted by the thoughtfulness of others who openly shared their struggles so that the girls could learn from their stories and gain insight as to how these courageous girls/woman went about driving positive change in their lives. She experienced ways to respectfully challenge status quo with the hopes of creating a community where everyone feels safe, both physically and emotionally. I honestly witnessed that our daughter realized a greater appreciation for being kind to others, not just tolerating differences, but embracing them, and gained better insight into what it really means to live inclusively where everyone has valuable contributions. Today, she thinks through her struggles and refocuses frustration and disappointment into positive energy to work toward reaching her own dreams – I believe this is an amazingly wonderful outcome of what she learned at Girls Rock! Camp. One of the most satisfying feelings that I got to enjoy during the week was when I picked up the girls each day. I felt the energy of the entire camp coming together, stronger and more united each day, and it was awesome to see them go from being individual campers to a healthy and happy community. It’s remarkable.

I honestly feel that I can’t really put into words the depth of my gratefulness for the experience that Girls Rock! staff and volunteers offer our community, but hope in some meaningful way, this testimonial helps provide an idea of the significance the camp has had on our daughter’s life and the hope and encouragement it has provided to us parents. Girls Rock! really does rock!”

– Tammie



“I remember the first time I went to the first Girls Rock Rochester Orientation. The location was on the corner of Webster Avenue in the city. I went not knowing what the expectation was going to be, but went ahead with an open mind. We all gathered around in a big circle and played name games, to get to know one another, and immediately, I knew I was in the right place. The ladies who were running the camp were so cool to me, and I was so excited to just be a part of this amazing group of women. I then became keyboard instructor, and taught a songwriting class, Music Herstory, and had the honor of coaching a band.

The second year was even more amazing, as I looked forward to seeing the campers from the previous year return with such enthusiasm, and such pride to strut their stuff, and I was super impressed with how the older campers helped the younger campers by supporting them and making them feel right at home. I am proud to be a part of a great musical community, and will continue to support this great school.”

– Suzi Willpower
Lead singer of Anonymous Willpower



My daughter attended Girls Rock Camp last summer before starting 3rd grade and she had a blast! She felt comfortable and welcome from the moment we walked in the door. What a great, instantaneous, diverse community of women and girls! It was much more than just a rock band or music camp. Very well organized. My daughter was full of enthusiasm for everything she did there – I have never seen her work so hard and feel so proud! She loved writing music, playing music, creating/designing the t-shirt and coming up with a name for her band. The concert at the German House at the end of camp was packed. What a fun show! We hope to continue the Girls Rock Camp ritual every summer until she graduates from high school. This was her first experience playing an instrument (keyboard) and she has continued to play piano since then! Her instructor was wonderful.

– Leigh Anne C.

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