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Rochester may have just gotten 16 inches of snow dumped on us in the last 24 hours, but we aren’t letting our spirits get buried here at the Girls Rock! HQ.

In the days leading up to our web launch and our new fundraising campaign we’ve been busier than ever. Some of us are even thanking Mother Nature for what has been called an “adult snow day” by Channel 8 news because we get some more free time to put the finishing touches on all of our projects.

The second half of the month has showed up in no time at all and we are officially in the full swing of camp season! With the approaching launch of our brand-spankin-new website, camp applications are open and rolling in. Our Sponsor a Camper campaign is giving our fundraising and media teams plenty to do as well. Murie and Jess are scouting out recruitment opportunities and meeting potential new volunteers (volunteer applications are up now!).

In fact, we’ve been doing so much that we’ve totally forgotten about planning snacks and starting a playlist for our GRCA Conference road trip. Next weekend, seven of us year-round staffers will be joining a multitude of other GRCA members near Philadelphia for the annual GRCA Conference full of development seminars, workshops, and idea exchanges.

We’ll be sure to check in and share what we’ve learned!

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