Happy March!

A lot of things are going on this month and we can’t wait. Camper applications, the annual GRCA conference, and a top-secret surprise that you’ll have to wait a little longer for.

What we CAN tell you about is our brand new office! Until now, GR!R has been operating out of the homes of our organizers and the great coffee shops, libraries, and college campuses of Rochester.

While you can be sure that we’ll still be hitting up our favorite spots for coffee (we can’t do all of this alone), we’re happy to finally have a place to settle into and call our own.

This means a permanent home for all of our camp equipment and a central meeting location for staff meetings and volunteer orientations.

Eve, Kaci, Danielle and Amanda spent the weekend getting dirty painting our new spot, sewing curtains (Danielle is a master seamstress), and getting it ready– the rest of us will see it for the first time at our next meeting.


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