The Rock Camp Kitchen

The Rock Camp Kitchen

Vegan Recipes from Girls Rock! Rochester and Friends

Inspired by the tireless Hardcore Hospitality Crew who make sure no one goes hungry at rock camp, the idea for The Rock Camp Kitchen came about two years ago. GR!R volunteers began to exchange recipes from the camp kitchen — where all the magic happens — and solicited the contributions of longtime supporting businesses and friends.

Each recipe is paired with a tune that you can listen to while you cook, because music is the first ingredient of every dish made with love and determination. Enjoy recipes from The Red Fern, John’s Tex Mex, and Voula’s Greek Sweets as well as additions like Pumpkin Chickpea Curry, Vegan Cheezesteak, and (Not) American Pie from our volunteers and supporters.

BONUS: The Rock Camp Kitchen comes with stickers too! We hope everyone enjoys the delicious recipes in this book and gets inspired to keep cooking and making music.

The Rock Camp Kitchen is available for $20 and 100% of the proceeds go towards GR!R programs serving girls, queer youth, and trans youth in the greater Rochester community.

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