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Jumpstart is looking for instrument instructors and workshop leaders to work with our littlest rockers ages 5-7.

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Girls Rock! Camp

We encourage individuals who identify as women, trans, or gender non-conforming to apply for mentorship positions at Girls Rock! Camp. We also welcome and appreciate allies of any gender identity to volunteer in non-mentorship Roles.

Pride Rock Camp

At Pride Rock Camp we welcome people who identify as LGBTQ+ and those who come from any marginalized community to apply for mentorship roles. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone and interested in an ongoing conversation about gender.

Position Availability

There are a limited number of volunteer positions for each session of camp. We’ll be conducting interviews with applicants on a rolling basis until positions are filled.

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What are we looking for?

Mentorship Roles


Counselors serve as mentors for assigned groups of campers, which involves:

  • Greeting campers each morning.
  • Escorting campers to each activity throughout the day and making sure the campers are where they need to be at all times.
  • Supervising campers during workshops.
  • Supervising campers during lunch time.
  • Supervising campers during morning and afternoon assemblies.
  • Serving as a general support person and co-band coach during band practice.
  • Camper check out at the end of the day - making sure that campers are accounted for before your departure.
Full time.
No musical experience required.
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.

Band Coach

On the first day of camp, the campers form bands, and each band is assigned two band coaches. Bands will be made up of 4-6 campers.

Your role as a Band Coach is to facilitate the camper’s process of learning to work together, writing their song, and being prepared and confident for their showcase performance. Band coaching is not direct instruction in the same way that instrument instruction or leading a workshop is, and instead focuses on group facilitation.

Band Coaches are responsible for:

  • Working as a team with their co-coach
  • Facilitating a band meeting on the first day of camp (and as often as seems appropriate for your group) - do some icebreakers, set group agreements, get to know each other.
  • Assisting campers with setting up instruments (this is largely done before practice by roadies, but some support with tuning or instrument positioning might be needed)
  • Assisting the songwriting process
  • Knowing the camp schedule and keeping track of the time - working with the band to set daily agendas for practice and stick to it.
  • Keeping the energy up and spirits high. You are the cheerleader for this band of campers!
  • Mediation and conflict resolution. Staff is available for support with this.
  • Helping the band to agree on a band name and design a band t-shirt.
  • Helping the band to screen their band shirt (a dedicated art room volunteer will be present to help with this)
  • Providing support at the showcase. You are the bands point person on this day and responsible for keeping track of all band members and bringing them to the stage when they are scheduled to play.

This position combines well with Instrument Instructor or certain AM Support Positions for a full day of volunteering.

Part time, Monday-Saturday.
Musical experience required.

Instrument Instructor

Our campers possess a varying range of skill levels – some have been playing for years, many have never played an instrument in their lives. Classes usually involve a combination of team-teaching larger groups of 10-15 students and solo teaching in smaller groups (3-4 students).

Instructors are responsible for:

  • Working with co-teachers to plan classes and create a supportive learning environment for the campers.
  • Keeping in mind a goal of growing campers comfortability with their instrument in order to contribute meaningfully to their band’s song, as opposed to a goal of technical proficiency in one week.
  • Knowing the camp schedule and keeping track of the time.

This position combines well with Band Coach, Workshop Leader, Roadie Crew for a full day of volunteering.

Musical experience required. Self taught and beginner musicians are welcome to apply!
Part time, Monday-Friday.

Workshop Leader

Present your hour-long workshop to groups of 25-30 campers twice on the day it is offered. Campers will attend loosely divided by age. Volunteers are needed to lead our annual workshops including; Songwriting and Screenprinting/Band Art.

Workshop leaders are responsible for:

  • Leading one of GR!R’s pre-planned core workshops (topics like Gender Identity, Group Harmony, Band Art and Songwriting). We can provide some materials, but workshop leaders are responsible for putting the content in their own words.
  • Alternately, you can suggest a workshop that you have designed. Workshops relating to music, art, identity, self expression, social movements, community are all welcome.

We like to have a number of volunteers for this role so that campers are seeing a variety of people leading throughout the week. This role is for you if you are comfortable on the mic, know lots of fun icebreakers & games, and love making announcements!

This position combines well with Instrument Instructors, Band Coach, Receptionists, Roadie, Kitchen Crew, and more!

Musical experience requirement dependent on the content of the workshop.
Part time, days flexible.
Time Commitment: Hours are 9:30am-12:30pm.

Camp Nurse

The Camp Nurse does not need to be a Registered Nurse, but must have First Aid & CPR certifications. This is a floating role which can be filled by one person throughout the camp session or multiple people. The Camp Nurse is often called on to help with minor cuts and bruises, and provide support for campers who are not feeling well.

It is important to us to have a volunteer with skills in First Aid & CPR available at all times during each camp session, however we are open to multiple people sharing the role on different days.

No musical experience required.
Full time or Part time, days flexible.

Screen Printing Pro

At Girls Rock! Camp and Pride Rock Camp, camper bands are responsible for designing and screening a band tshirt. The Screen Printing pro is responsible for leading a workshop explaining to the campers how to screen print, and providing support in the art room when the campers come in to make their shirts.

The screen printing workshop typically is repeated multiple times in one day during a camp session (typically Wednesday), and the ideal screen printing pro would be available later in the week as well to support campers as they work on printing.

No musical experience required.
Part time.

Camp Intern

Camp Interns will gain leadership experience while continuing to build musical skills, make new friends, and help us further the GR!R Mission.

  • Be age 17 or 18 at the start of camp.
  • Have attended one of our programs*
  • Demonstrate responsibility, reliability, and a dedication to the mission of Girls Rock! Rochester.
  • Attend a Peer Mentor training session before camp.
  • Attend the volunteer training the Sunday before camp.
  • Help with move-in and showcase.
*Exceptions may be made for the right candidate.

No musical experience required.
Full time. Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.

Non-Mentorship Roles


Some musical experience required, though volunteers without musical experience are welcome to apply for this role, and will be working as a team with more experienced Roadies.

Roadies are the heart of camp! Roadies are responsible for setting up rooms for band practice and instrument classes, and breaking them down afterwards. Knowledge of basic instrument upkeep, such as tuning guitars and replacing broken strings, is helpful though not required.

Roadies with Sound Engineering experience are needed to support our lunchtime performers. Love moving physical objects around? Then this role is for you. All Roadies are led by our staff Gear Coordinator.

Part time, Days flexible.
Monday-Friday 8:45am-1:15pm or 12:15-5pm.
For both camps, shorter shifts are available for those with less time to volunteer.

Kitchen Coordinator

Coordinate the kitchen team and track and organize food throughout the week of camp! Have food service experience and/or familiarity with serving food and managing a team of volunteers. The Kitchen Coordinator will also come up with the menu for camp! Kitchen helpers need to lift, move and serve boxes of drinks and snacks at camp. You set up and clean up breakfast and/or lunch each day. You keep counters clean and tidy in addition to serving food. Kitchen team members will occasionally be asked to drive to pick up local lunch donations. Feeding people at camp is fun and makes everyone happy.

No musical experience required.
Time Commitment: This position requires a commitment for the full week of camp; however, times of day are flexible, The Kitchen Coordinator will also have to work before camp to secure donations and shop for food.

Kitchen Crew

At all of our camps, we provide breakfast and lunch for all volunteers. We need a team of dedicated folks to help our kitchen coordinator with food prep and clean up. Food service experience is helpful but not required.

No musical experience required.
Part time, Days flexible.
Monday-Friday 8am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm.
For both camps, shorter shifts are available for those with less time to volunteer.


Reception help is much appreciated as campers check in and out in the mornings and late afternoons. Basic computer knowledge is required for this role. These volunteers help check-in staff and campers as well as provide other information and clerical support during camp. On the first day of camp, this position makes sure that all staff and campers are given their name badge, program schedule, and any other important information they’ll need.

You are one of the first faces campers see, enthusiastic greeting is strongly encouraged. Help campers leave their nervous feelings at the door by welcoming them warmly! During the week, these volunteers are responsible for gathering and typing each band’s lyrics and information for the printed Showcase Program. Receptionists assist parents, visitors, campers and staff with any general info questions and/or directs them to a staff member who can help. It’s a great way to meet each camper and get to know their families! Interest in talking to adults required :)

No musical experience required.
Part time, Days flexible.
Monday-Friday 8am-9:30am or 4pm-5pm.

Media Crew

So many amazing moments happen at camp, and we need help documenting them all! We need a few dedicated volunteers to take photos and videos. Professional experience is not required, but please have confidence in your ability to take an awesome photo or video.

No musical experience required.
Part time, Days flexible.
Media crew can stop in for an hour or two at various points throughout the week.


The floater is a volunteer who offers their time based on their own availability, shows up at camp, and floats to wherever help is needed. Floaters often help out Roadies, Kitchen Crew, or lend support in the art room. Be ready for anything from running errands to jumping in to a camper dance party! This role is great for folks who have volunteered at camp in the past.

No musical experience required.
Part time, days flexible.

Additional opportunities